Sunday, December 5, 2010

Duncraven Today

Finally starting to get warm! All of the horses were very good at the show today. Tribute (now owned by Kristin Burgers and Doug) was great for his first show, especially being that it was so cold, and in the indoor. It's all a bit crazy being that everyone warms up at once, all then wait at the end of the ring for their turn. He handled everything exceptionally well.

Beau (owned by David Roby) was very good for his first outing since arriving just a few weeks back. He won the level 3 class and had just one down in the level 4's (3'6", 3'9").

PJ (owned by Jill Fischer) was also very good. He finished up in 6th in the level 1's, he just keeps getting better with each outing.

Virgil ridden by Danielle had a great show as well, they both had very smooth rounds in the level 0's.

We have video's of Beau and Tribute at the DPE Facebook Page here.

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